Change in Major

Change in Major (Transfer)

“Change in Major” is a system which allows a GSAM student to transfer from one GSAM Major to another (APS ⇔ ICP). Applications are only accepted at the end of the first semester. Transfer between graduate schools (GSA ⇔ GSM) is not permitted.

1. Requirements 10 or more credits from the subjects required for completion by the end of the first semester
2. Application Deadlines Fall Semester: January 10 (Spring Transfer)
Spring Semester: July 10 (Fall Transfer)
3. Application “Application for Change in Major” form accompanied by the “Reason for Transfer Form”, are to be submitted to the Academic Office. Students may also be called for an interview
4. Re-examination Fee 10,000 yen.
A Certificate Stamp of 10,000 yen should accompany the application
5. Notification of results The application will be screened and students notified of the result on the day the grades for that semester are released
6. Credit Transfer All previously earned credits / grades will be transferred on April 1 for the Spring Semester and September 21 for the Fall Semester
7. Contact Academic Office
If the deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, or a day when the office is closed, the deadline will move to the immediately preceding working day.

Change in Major Application form