Grading and Assessment

Grading System

The grading system for both graduate schools is as follows.

Evaluation Grade (%) Pass / Fail
A+ 90% or higher Pass
A 80 ~ 89%
B 70 ~ 79%
C 60 ~ 69%
F 59% or lower Fail
T Transferr -

Calculating Grade Point Average (GPA)

Semester and cumulative GPA will be available via Campusmate when semester grades are released. Only cumulative GPA will be noted on the Transcript of Academic Record, etc.

Semester GPA: It is calculated using only the grades of the present semester. It is not included on official transcripts and is reset every semester.

[(Number of A+ credits x 4) + (Number of A credits x 3) + (Number of B credits x 2) + (Number of C credits x 1) + (Number of F credits x 0)]

Registered credits for a given semester (excluding P/T)

Cumulative GPA: It is calculated during the entire period of studies (from semester one (1) through the last semester) and is printed out on all official transcripts.

[(Number of A+ credits x 4) + (Number of A credits x 3) + (Number of B credits x 2) + (Number of C credits x 1)]

Total completed credits (excluding P/T)

Credits from letter graded Optional Subjects will NOT be calculated in the semester and cumulative GPAs.

Students Receiving a Failing Grade

An “F” (Fail) grade shall be printed on the student grade report and calculated into the GPA for the semester in question, but will not appear in official transcripts or student grade reports issued in semesters thereafter. “F” grades will not be calculated into the cumulative GPA. Students have the opportunity to retake a failed subject; however, subjects that have received a passing grade cannot be re-registered.

Release of Grades

A grade report for the semester, including the 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter and Session Period, will be available to those who request one by the application deadline. Check the Academic Office webpage for distribution dates and information on how to apply for a printed grade report. Students can also view their grades via the Campus Terminal.
Release of Grades/Grade Evaluation Comments

Grade Reports

Grade reports will be distributed to students who applied for them beforehand within a three-day period after grades have been announced. Please note that official academic transcripts (which may be purchased from the Automatic Certificate Dispenser) and student grade reports may vary in content. See below for details.

Grade Evaluation Official Academic Transcript Student Grade Report
All grades except “F” Will be printed.
*Grades cannot be cancelled once received.
Will be printed.
*Grades cannot be cancelled once received.
“F” grades Will NOT be printed Will be printed

Grade Report Inquiries

Students may make inquiries regarding their grade reports within a three-day period from the day students grades are announced by noon of the last day of the three-day period. Further details are available on the Academic Office website.
Grade Inquiries