Class Cancellations, and Class Absences and Tardiness

Information regarding class cancellations, make-up classes and classroom changes will be made available on the Campus Terminal. Please be sure to check these announcements before attending classes.

Class Cancellation

If an instructor does not appear after the class starts, please promptly inform the Academic Office. A class will be cancelled if the instructor does not arrive at the classroom within 20 minutes of the beginning of the class. Classes will also be cancelled if public transportation stops due to typhoon, snow, or a strike.

Procedures for Classes during Severe Weather and / or Suspension of Public Transportation

Classes may be cancelled in either one of the following circumstances. These measures will also apply during the final examination period. Please check the announcements on Campus Terminal frequently during such times as the Division of Academic Affairs will make decisions in response to changing circumstances.

  1. When a storm alert (boufu keiho) or other weather-related emergency warning is issued for Beppu.
  2. When both Oita Kotsu Bus and Kamenoi Bus completely stop their service to and from APU.

Class cancellation announcements will be made as follows:

Time of Decision Time of Notice Action
6:30 am Approx. 6:45 am Periods 1 and 2 will be cancelled
10:30 am Approx. 10:45 am Period 3 onwards will be cancelled After
10:30 am As decided Further decisions will be made as appropriate

Class Cancellation Information

Information regarding the cancellation of classes may be accessed on Campus Terminal. Campus Terminal may also be accessed by mobile phone.

Make-up Classes

As a rule, if a class is cancelled, a make-up class will be held. In certain circumstances, make-up classes may be held before the actual cancelled class. Make-up classes are usually scheduled on a Saturday. Make-up class timetables will be posted on Campus Terminal on the Tuesday prior to the make-up day. As classrooms and class times for make-up classes may differ from those of the regular class, be sure to check the latest posted information on Campus Terminal.

Classroom Changes

Information on temporary or permanent classroom changes will be posted on Campus Terminal.

Emergency Contact Information

While on Campus For emergencies or to report lost or stolen items, etc., please visit the Central Security Office located in the 1st floor of Building A.

Class Absences and Tardiness

APU does not have a system of officially recognized absences. Please inform your instructors if you need to be absent from classes due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or the death of a family member. Each instructor will determine how to handle your absence in these classes. However, there are different procedures depending on the duration of your absence. Please read the information on the Academic Office website for details and application instructions.


In the event that you experience a public transportation scheduling delay or disruption, the relevant transportation company will issue a “delay certificate” (chien shoumeisho) if requested. Show this certificate to your instructor and they will determine how to handle your tardiness.