Outline of the Doctoral Degree Program

Degree Program

The degree offered in the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies Doctoral Program is as follows.

Degree Type Major Degree Awarded upon Completion
Ph.D. Asia Pacific Studies (APS) Doctor of Philosophy in Asia Pacific Studies

Structure and Outline of the Doctoral Program in GSA

1) Policy for Curriculum Structure

The Program offers common coursework on theories and perspectives of Asia Pacific Studies, upon which students receive research supervision based on their individual research topics in seminars. Students also write research papers and take coursework on presentations.

2) Policy for Curriculum Implementation

After completing their coursework and seminars, students must pass the doctoral candidacy process which requires among others, the completion of at least 24 credits and the submission of two research papers for screening. For details, see the Doctoral Candidacy Page before submitting their doctoral dissertation. Degrees are awarded to those candidates who pass the dissertation screening.

Conferral of Degrees

The Higher Degrees Committee will review the results of each student’s Doctoral Dissertation screening. The reviewed results will be presented to the Higher Degrees Committee for approval. Following approval by the Higher Degrees Committee, the president will confer the Doctoral Degrees to successful candidates.

Rescindment of Degrees

If it is found that a graduate has obtained their degree through improper means, or if the recipient does anything to damage the University’s reputation, the President may decide to rescind (cancel) the degree previously granted.