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Major in Asia Pacific Studies (APS)

Name Division Research Area
HASUDA Takashi Society and Culture (SC) History of Pre-modern Southeast Asia
HEO Seunghoon Emilia International Relations (IR) International Reconciliation, Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies (Education)
HIRANO Miharu International Relations (IR) Public International Law, the Law of Global Governance, International Water Law
IGUCHI Yufu Society and Culture (SC) Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Malaysian Studies,
KASEDA Yoshinori International Relations (IR) Japanese Foreign Policy, International Politics with a regional focus on East Asia
KIM Chan Hoe Society and Culture (SC) Folklore Studies
LE Hoang Anh Thu Society and Culture (SC) Cultural anthropology, Religion, lay Buddhist practice, Ageing, Philanthropy/charity, Food and charity, Life stages and life course, Southeast Asia
MANTELLO Peter A. International Relations (IR)
Society and Culture (SC)
Science and Technology Studies (STS)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI and Security
Malicious Use of AI
Social Media
Surveillance Studies
Political Communication/Conflict Media
Film TV and Videogame Studies
PROGLER Joseph Society and Culture (SC)
International Relations (IR)
Anthropology, sociology, history, humanities, ethnomusicology; education, literature, media, migration, religion; Middle East studies, Islamic studies, indigenous peoples studies; cinema studies, music performance studies, technology studies
ROTHMAN Steven B. International Relations (IR) International Relations Theory, International Cooperation, Regime Theory, Soft Power, Pedagogy
SEIKE Kumi Society and Culture (SC) Sociology in general, Sociological theory, Anthropological theory, Philosophy: Kant, New realism
VYAS Utpal International Relations (IR) International Relations, International political economy, Comparative politics, Area studies and Regionalism (Asia and Europe)
YOSHIDA Kaori Society and Culture (SC) Media studies, Cultural studies (Politics of gender, ethnicity, nation), Popular culture (subculture) studies, Dark tourism
YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka International Relations (IR) International relations, International political economy, regionalism and regional politics in the Asia-Pacific, great power politics in the Asia-Pacific

Major in International Cooperation Policy (ICP)

Name Division Research Area
BUI Thanh Huong International Public Administration (IPA)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Tourism, Sustainability, and Resilience, Resource Management, Environmental Economics
GHOTBI Nader Development Economics (DE)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Health, AI, Ethics & Bioethics, Economics, Environment
GOMEZ, Oscar A. International Public Administration (IPA) International cooperation, human security, global governance
HAN Ji Sustainability Science (SS) Urban Ecology, Material metabolism, Low-carbon city/transport, livable city, circular economy, ecosystem services, GIS and remote sensing
JONES Thomas E Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
International Public Administration (IPA)
sustainability; resource management; sustainable tourism; protected area management
KIKKAWA Takuro International Public Administration (IPA) Comparative Politics (inc. political system, policy analysis, comparative foreign policies), IR, history, and Area Studies (the Middle East)
KIM Sangho Development Economics (DE) Applied econometrics; Economic development; International trade; Productivity analysis
KIMURA Rikio International Public Administration (IPA) NGO, social enterprise, community development, adult learning, pedagogy, organizational development and leadership.
KUBO Takayuki Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Urban Development and Planning, Regional Development and Planning
LI Yan International Public Administration (IPA)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Environmental Impact Assessment/Environment Policy, City Planning/Architectural Planning, Traffic Engineering, Land Planning, Social System Engineering/Safety System
MAHICHI Faezeh Sustainability Science (SS) Inclusive Environmental Citizenship Education, Circular bioeconomy, ecosystem services, Sustainable Food Systems, Regenerative agriculture, Decrease of humanity’s ecological footprint, Community-based environmental actions
MEIRMANOV Serik International Public Administration (IPA)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
General Life Science, Social Psychology, Human Genetics, Human Pathology, Public Hygiene Studies/Health Science, International Education
NATSUDA Kaoru Development Economics (DE)
International Public Administration (IPA)
International development, International political economy, Policy studies
OTSUKA KOZO Development Economics (DE) Productivity, innovations, economic growth
OHASHI Hiroaki Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Urban and regional planning, Spatial planning and policy, Urban (re)development and design, Real estate development
SATO Yoichiro International Public Administration (IPA) Research Area: Foreign policy analysis, Security, International political economy, Fishery policy, Comparative politics
SUDO Tomonori International Public Administration (IPA)
Sustainability Science (SS)
Development Economics (DE)
Environmental Economics (mainly focus on the Environmental market creation, climate finance), Environmental policy (incl International Environmental Agreements), Development Economics (Mainly focus on the Growth theory), Development policy and Development Cooperation Policy
SUZUKI Yasushi International Public Administration (IPA)
Development Economics (DE)
Institutional Economics, Political Economy, Theories of Rent-seeking, Corruption, Property Right, Public Finance, Financial Development, Comparative Financial Systems (Japan, US, China, Islamic Finance and Microcredit), Development Economics, Energy Security, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Economics (Social Justice), International Economic Law
SUN YIYANG Tourism and Hospitality (TH) Hospitality, Tourism, Information and communications technology, mobile payment, and consumer behavior
TODOROKI Hiroshi Tourism and Hospitality (TH) Tourism Geography, Area Studies
VAFADARI M. Kazem Sustainability Science (SS)
Tourism and Hospitality (TH)
Tourism policy and planning Food tourism Agritourism Rural tourism and development Heritage tourism Ecotourism
YAMAGATA Tatsufumi Development Economics (DE) Development Economics; Development Studies
YAMASHITA Hiromi Sustainability Science (SS) Environmental sociology, environmental communication, risk study, public perceptions on nature restoration projects (green infrastructures, nature based solutions), coastal wetlands management and conservation (including tidal flats, mangroves, beaches), community participation in decision making, consensus building on infrastructure building in coastal communities
YAMAURA Koichi Development Economics (DE) Consumer preferences in food and environmental economics
YOTSUMOTO Yukio Tourism and Hospitality (TH) Community based tourism, sociology of tourism
YOUN Seung Ho Tourism and Hospitality (TH) Tourist behaviour, experience, hospitality management