Privacy Policy

The Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Basic Policy

The Ritsumeikan Trust (hereinafter called "the Academy") will establish independent rules and systems to comply with relevant laws and regulations and other standards regarding the protection of personal information on the Academy students used by the Academy in education and research, and set forth as follows, and implement and maintain, the Personal Information Protection Basic Policy. The matters regarding the handling of personal information for the purpose of academic research will be provided for separately.

To implement this Basic Policy, the Academy will set forth and make public the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Regulations, and familiarize the faculty and staff, etc. (such as officers, teachers, staff members, part-timers, and temporary workers) of the Academy and any persons involved therewith with them.

The Academy will take appropriate information security measures to prevent any loss, destruction, falsification, and leak, etc. of personal information including countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
The Academy will obtain personal information by lawful and fair means, without using illegal means. The Academy will also obtain the approval from the subject person of the relevant personal information of the purpose of use, etc. or announce necessary matters on the Academy website.
In case of obtaining personal information indirectly, the Academy will confirm whether the provider has acquired the relevant personal information properly from the subject person, and announce on the Academy website the purpose of use of the personal information and other necessary matters.
The Academy will confirm that the subject person possesses the rights to disclose, correct, suspend, or delete, etc. his or her own personal information, and will respect and respond to such requests from the subject person. In case of using personal information jointly with a third party or entrusting a third party with personal information to delegate any service, the Academy will investigate such third party and take legally required measures including making a necessary agreement.
The Academy will handle strictly not only personal information on the students enrolled in a school established by the Academy at present or in the past, but also personal information provided by the subject person for the purpose of becoming a student of a school established by the Academy.

The Academy will establish the following principles for obtaining and handling of specific personal information:

  • Will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use at acquisition, exclusively by persons authorized according to the specific business, to the extent required for the performance of such business;
  • Will not provide any personal information for a third party, in principle;
  • Will not use for unintended purposes, take out from the normal location of use, or transmit externally, or otherwise leak, any personal information;
  • Will prohibit persons working for the Academy from letting a third party know with no good reason the content of personal information obtained in the course of business, or using the same for an unjustifiable purpose. This will continuously apply to persons who have left the post pertaining to the relevant business;
  • Will not obtain, use, or provide personal information containing the following contents:
  • Matters regarding thought, faith, or religion; and
  • Matters which may cause social discrimination.

Handling of Personal Information at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Personal information acquired from prospective students by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (hereinafter, “APU”) shall be handled as follows, in observance of laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Regulations.

Purposes of use

Students’ personal information shall be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide study and learning support for students, including administration of enrollment, course registration, grades and results, and information relating to tuition fees.
  • To provide extracurricular and living support for students, including campus life advisory services, support for extracurricular activities, administration of scholarships, and administration of public health and hygiene.
  • To provide career development and job placement assistance for students, including academic and career counseling, support for job hunting, and administration of career and job placement information.
  • To provide consultative and advisory services on courses of study, grades and career paths to students’ parents/guardians, including the sending of grade reports to parents/guardians.
  • To perform work related to entrance examinations and enrollment procedures.
  • To send information and documentation related to the APU and the Ritsumeikan Academy’s other universities and schools.
  • To administer the use of internal facilities and equipment, and maintain the safety and security thereof.
  • To issue certificates.
  • To provide information required by organizations authorized by the Ritsumeikan Trust Personal Information Protection Committee, such as scholarship providers and associations composed of alumni, parents, etc.
  • To provide information to schools previously attended by students concerning students’ study progress and living circumstances.
  • To conduct university evaluation (self-assessment evaluation, third party evaluation, certified evaluation) and statistical research.
  • To conduct education, research and faculty development activities.
  • To process other matters necessary in the administration and management of APU.